Keith Jackson broadcasts involving BYU Football

Keith Jackson broadcasts involving BYU Football

BYU Football

Keith Jackson broadcasts involving BYU Football

Keith Jackson broadcasts involving BYU Football

The late great voice of College Football passed away at age 89

Whoa Nelly! What games did Keith Jackson call for BYU?

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Keith Jackson was an icon in college football.  Any college football fan would tell you that Keith Jackson was and is the voice of the greatest sport on earth.

College Football is a game that is already rich in pageantry but somehow with Jackson’s unique voice, he enhanced that pageantry to make his broadcasts must-see-TV for any football fan.

After Jackson’s death which I found out about from former BYU graduate and ABC sideline reporter for Jackson, Todd Harris, I went in search of the games that Jackson called involving BYU football.

There was one that I knew about right after his passing and that was BYU’s visit to No. 3 USC in 2003.  The men of Troy had Pete Carroll on the sidelines, Matt Leinart at quarterback, Mike Williams at receiver, oh, and don’t forget a fresh-faced freshman at running back by the name of Reggie Bush.  The men of Troy were something else that year as they went on to win the AP National Championship.

I was at the game in Los Angeles, but I remember putting in the recorded version of the game in my cassette player to hear Keith Jackson’s call.  He had some classic lines.

Let’s get out to the starting lineups brought to you by Chili’s.  Mmmmm…..good. For the Southern California Trojans…..

Daniel Coats used to be a wide receiver but has since switched to tight end where he can now pack on the biscuits and gravy.

That BYU-USC broadcast was the only game in my lifetime that I knew of where Keith Jackson was on the call.  The other game after my extensive research was a WAC road trip to Colorado Springs to take on Fisher DeBerry and the Air Force Academy in 1986.

BYU Athletic Director Tom Holmoe turned to Twitter and recommended to young Cougar fans to take a listen to Jackson’s iconic voice.

Rest in Peace Keith.  Gone, but never forgotten.



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