Five Programs I'd Like To See BYU Football Play One Day

Five Programs I'd Like To See BYU Football Play One Day

BYU Football

Five Programs I'd Like To See BYU Football Play One Day

Five Programs I’d Like To See BYU Football Play One Day

Independence has allowed BYU football to face programs they never have before.

Which five programs would you like to see BYU play one day, that they’ve never played?

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When BYU and North Carolina State announced yesterday a home-and-home series for the 2024 and 2030 seasons -yes, that’s not a typo, 2030 football seasons-, it got me thinking of all the FBS programs that BYU has never faced in their 95-year history.

Here’s the list:

North Carolina State is one of five teams on that list who BYU has never faced that the Cougars have upcoming games against, including Northern Illinois who will appear on the 2018 schedule.

After compiling that surprisingly large list, which of the programs would I like to see BYU play?  I settled on five programs.  Here’s my fab five.

Auburn Tigers

War Eagle baby!  There were rumors during the Bronco Mendenhall era that the Cougars were working on a series with Auburn. Any SEC venue is college football at its finest on a Saturday afternoon in the fall, but seeing the Plains would be a treat.

Arkansas Razorbacks

There was hope for a potential Arkansas-BYU series after Michigan announced they would be canceling their home-and-home series with the Hogs.  Arkansas ended up replacing Michigan with a two-game series against Colorado State.  Talk about a downgrade.  Arkansas should’ve gone one state farther west and settled into Provo, Utah.

Clemson Tigers

When Independence was announced in 2010, there were rumors of a possible series brewing between BYU & Clemson, but nothing has come from those rumors.  Howard’s Rock and Death Valley are iconic traditions in college football.

Maryland Terrapins

Look past the fact that the Terrapins are in the Big Ten, which is still odd to me, but they would be a very cool program to schedule.  The Under Armour swag, Washington D.C. area, and there’s a relationship between Maryland’s Athletic Director and BYU AD Tom Holmoe.  Anderson had agreed to a series with BYU and Tom Holmoe while he was the AD at Army.  That series was canceled and he has said in the past, he would make it up to Holmoe.

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs

In my research, I was surprised to see La Tech has never played BYU before.  The Bulldogs were originally on BYU’s first-ever independent schedule in 2011, but the game was canceled to make way for a game against TCU at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington.  The game has never been rescheduled, and that’s a shame.  I’d like the Cougars and Bulldogs square off one of these days down in Louisiana.

Which programs would you like to see BYU play one day?  Get at me on Twitter with your answers, @Mitch_Harper.


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