10 Former BYU Football Players Who Would Be A Good Fit In The XFL

10 Former BYU Football Players Who Would Be A Good Fit In The XFL

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10 Former BYU Football Players Who Would Be A Good Fit In The XFL

10 Former BYU Football Players Who Would Be A Good Fit In The XFL

The XFL returns in January 2020 after a 19-year hiatus.

Two former BYU players played in the original XFL in 2001.

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You have goosebumps just hearing that, don’t you? It’s back baby! The XFL!

Ever since Vince McMahon announced the XFL was coming back starting in 2020 this past Thursday, I’ve been pondering as to who would be the best former players from BYU to play in the upcoming league.

Back in 2001, former BYU linebacker Kurt Gouveia played for the Las Vegas Outlaws and wide receiver Kaipo McGuire played for the Birmingham Bolts.

We need more than two former Cougars to play in the XFL this time around. I’m starting the social media movement to bring an XFL team to Utah. If that happens, the odds of more local guys playing would likely be increased.

Vince, make it happen.

Max Hall, Quarterback

Hall would be a great fit in the league. He could be the modern day Tommy Maddox. The quarterback who bounced around thought his career was over, and then bam! XFL MVP and goes on to play for the Steelers. Hall would be a fiery competitor that could make the XFL great.

Jake Heaps, Quarterback

No one doubts Jake Heaps can sling the rock. He was in-and-out of the Seattle Seahawks organization the past few seasons and is currently training quarterbacks through Russell Wilson’s QB Academy.

Tejan Koroma, Center

Everyone is hoping that the NFL is the destination for Koroma, but if it doesn’t work out in the NFL, the XFL would be a terrific landing spot. He will get into some scuffles and he’s a trash-talker.

Brady Poppinga, Linebacker

I bet B-Popp still has some game left in him. The former BYU and Green Bay Packer star is still in excellent shape, and personality-wise, he is what the XFL needs. He could be the modern day Kurt Gouveia, with a final run at football glory in the XFL.

Jonny Linehan, Punter

Ideally, I’d like to see the XFL do away with kicking the ball altogether, but I have a feeling that they will still have to kick in some capacity. Linehan would make for some good storylines, especially his social media game on Twitter.  Also, if he needs to make some tackles, he could probably do it with his rugby background.

Alani Fua, Linebacker

Had it not been for an injury suffered this past pre-season, Fua would’ve likely had a significant role on the Arizona Cardinals front seven. Fua can do the “gone fishin’” all day in the XFL.

Margin Hooks, Wide Receiver

Have you been to one of Margin Hooks’ wide receiver clinics at Sky’s The Limit? This former BYU & NFL player still looks like he can run with the best of them. Reach for those stars and go out and ball. Jerry Rice played in the NFL till he was 43. There’s still for Margin to get out there.

Dennis Pitta, Tight End

This might be a stretch because hip injuries are devastating. But Pitta has overcome a hip injury once, I’d love to see him do it again and return to football. He was one of the best tight ends in the NFL before he suffered another hip injury.

Cody Hoffman, Wide Receiver

Some in the BYU fanbase would argue that Hoffman is the best wide receiver in program history. Statistically, he is. The NFL never worked out for Hoffman and then he bounced around the CFL. Hoffman is as sure-handed as they come and he has great size. Is he still playing football? Would be fun to see if he still has the ability to ball out like he used to at BYU.

Bryan Kehl, Linebacker

Kehl is gifted at whatever he does.  Physically, he still looks like a guy that is competing in the NFL.  One of the best linebackers at BYU since 2005.


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