BYU Basketball: Player Rankings For Week of Jan. 29th-Feb. 4th

BYU Basketball: Player Rankings For Week of Jan. 29th-Feb. 4th

BYU Basketball

BYU Basketball: Player Rankings For Week of Jan. 29th-Feb. 4th

BYU Basketball: Player Rankings For Week of Jan. 29th-Feb. 4th

Sizing up the BYU Basketball roster with eight games left.

Who’s trending up, down, or staying steady?

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Only eight games in the regular season for the BYU basketball team. The dog days of the season are starting to move into the rearview mirror as hopes for an NCAA Tournament remain intact around the program.

Coming up short against Saint Mary’s didn’t help the resume to earn an at-large bid, but there are still two opportunities against the nationally-ranked Gonzaga Bulldogs.

No. 1 Elijah Bryant (Last Week: #1)

Another good week for Eli, despite the loss to Saint Mary’s. Against the Gaels, Bryant went for 13 points, nine rebounds, three assists, and a steal. With BYU’s limited depth this season, the Cougars needed more on the offensive end from Eli, but he has been on an efficient tear this season. Against Pacific, Eli was 4-of-4 from beyond the arc and 4-of-5 from two-point range for a total of 28 points.

No. 2 Yoeli Childs (LW: #2)

What a bounceback for Yoeli against Pacific after an illness prevented the talented sophomore from playing his best against the Gaels. Childs, who didn’t start against Pacific, poured in 26 points in 33 minutes of action. Yoeli is expected to be 100-percent for next Thursday’s game at Loyola Marymount.

No. 3 TJ Haws (LW: #3)

When you look at Ken Pomeroy’s website, it provides “similar” players based on the stats a player is currently having. For TJ Haws this year, some of those similar college basketball players on KenPom’s site include Bryce Alford in 2015 (UCLA) and Matthew Dellavedova in 2011 (Saint Mary’s). Haws’ offense is going to be streaky at best. With 50-plus games now played in his career, that’s what he is at this point. But the ball handling and his defense have been notable. Haws is sixth in the West Coast Conference in steals percentage for his team.

No. 4 Jahshire Hardnett (LW: #4)

Hardnett didn’t score as many points this past week as he did against San Diego and Loyola, but his impact was still felt on this team. Hardnett has been out-rebounding Yoeli Childs the past two games. Against Pacific, Hardnett pulled down eight boards and against Saint Mary’s he grabbed four.

No. 5 Payton Dastrup (LW: #10)

Get Dastrup more minutes. It’s as simple as that. Coming off the bench is still a nice fit for Dastrup, but to deny him minutes is just silly at this point. Yes, the argument can be made that he could be a liability in man-to-man defense. Sure. But he’s a better option than most on this roster in defending some of the big frontcourt players that the West Coast Conference has to offer. Dastrup deserves a bigger role moving forward.

No. 6 Dalton Nixon (LW: #7)

Nixon played in the past three games and it’s still a work in progress to get him back to where he was physically at the beginning of the year. But Nixon is going to be an important piece for BYU to try and achieve their post-season goals.

No. 7 Zac Seljaas (LW: #5)

Rough week for Seljaas both on the offensive and defensive ends. Seljaas was a liability in the post against both the Gaels and Tigers, who both had a lot of size in their frontcourts. Seljaas had another goose egg in terms of points against Pacific, the second in as many outings against the Tigers. Since Seljaas has been inserted into the starting lineup, the offense is seen an uptick in production but against the likes of Saint Mary’s and Pacific, Seljaas might not be BYU’s best option for 25-plus minutes a game down low.

No. 8 Luke Worthington (LW: #8)

Worthington earned his first start against Pacific since the game against the Tigers in Stockton. Worthington played only four minutes against the Tigers and he logged nine minutes against the Gaels.

No. 9 McKay Cannon (LW: #6)

We’ve seen Cannon hit a bit of a wall in this stretch of the season now that he’s on scouting reports. Can he create other opportunities that aren’t on the scouting report to beat his opponent? Very intrigued to see what he can do with an entire season in 2019 as a senior. But Cannon has still made contributions on the defensive end. Cannon is one of the tops in the WCC for steals per 40 minutes.

No. 10 Rylan Bergersen (LW: #9)

Bergersen buried a three against Pacific to ensure that BYU covered at the end of the game. Good teams win, great teams cover.

No. 11 Kolby Lee (LW: #11)

We no longer get to see practices in the media since Dave Rose was convinced by his coaches to close off practice because everyone has a “VCR.” So, we won’t have anything to report on Kolby Lee anymore. He will be a redshirt freshman in the 2019 season.

No. 12 Ryan Andrus & Braiden Shaw

Both are injured and are redshirting this season.


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