BYU Basketball: Dave Rose Called Out Officials In Postgame Radio Show

BYU Basketball: Dave Rose Called Out Officials In Postgame Radio Show

BYU Basketball

BYU Basketball: Dave Rose Called Out Officials In Postgame Radio Show

BYU Basketball: Dave Rose Called Out Officials In Postgame Radio Show

BYU head coach Dave Rose was not pleased with the officials after Cougar’s loss to Gonzaga.

Drag ’em, Dave!

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I’m not sure if the drag is still the go-to phrase for kids today when showing support for a strong take, but if it’s not, I’m bringing it back.

BYU basketball head coach Dave Rose dragged officials who officiated the BYU-Gonzaga game on Saturday night during his post-game radio interview with The Voice of the Cougars Greg Wrubell on the BYU Sports Network.

Rose was sharing some of his takeaways in his opening remarks with the Canuck of the Cougars before dropping the hammer on the refs.  Here’s the full quote.

“It’s really difficult when your guys play as hard as they did tonight…and as good as they did tonight. And you just see glaring errors made by people who are supposed to be better than what they’re doing.

If you get fouled you should get to the free throw line. Especially in crucial times of the game. For guys to just swallow their whistle and let the game be interpreted in their own way, instead of how it’s supposed to be called, it gets a little frustrating and I feel for the guys.

Wrubell followed that up asking, “Certain plays appear kind of cut and dry when it comes to either offensive or defensive basket interference -for example- and there are a couple of key plays that way tonight.”

Then Rose responded with a body blow to the refs.

“Yeah. So…we need to play better and they need to ref better.”

Boom! Drag ’em, Dave!  Could not agree with Rose more on this take.  BYU wasn’t the better team than Gonzaga on Saturday night.  No one is arguing that, but officiating within the West Coast Conference is hard to watch.  The quality of play is impacted and it’s not a consumable product as a spectator.

One thing that is a common misconception about officiating is that the WCC does not have their own refs.  All six major Division-I Men’s Basketball conferences out west have what they call the Western Officiating Consortium.

The Western Officiating Consortium trains and provides officials for the Pac-12, WCC, Mountain West, Western Athletic, Big West, and Big Sky conferences.

So, the narrative of “WCC refs” is a fake narrative. But that’s not the point.  Officiating has been bad out west and it can’t be a coincidence that there hasn’t been a team from the west coast to win the National Championship in Men’s Hoops since Arizona in 1997.  Teams from these western conferences get into the NCAA Tournament and realize the officiating is far different than what they are used to, thus causing a lot of tournament failures for western leagues.

There were some blatant errors from officials in the BYU-Gonzaga game.  Most notably a missed double-dribble call that even the broadcasters on the ESPN2 telecast agreed should’ve been called by the refs.

This might be Rose’s best decision in quite some time. Drag ’em!


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