BYU Basketball: Yoeli Childs Is On A Vegan Diet

BYU Basketball: Yoeli Childs Is On A Vegan Diet

BYU Basketball

BYU Basketball: Yoeli Childs Is On A Vegan Diet

BYU Basketball: Yoeli Childs Is On A Vegan Diet

BYU’s All-Conference frontcourt player is returning to the Y. with a new healthy lifestyle.

Yanny? Nah. Yoeli!

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BYU basketball received some exciting news earlier this week when Yoeli Childs announced that he was returning for his junior season.

Childs addressed the media on Thursday and he explained why he decided to come back to BYU.  Part of the explanation from the 1st Team All-WCC performer was the feedback he received from NBA teams told him that he would go undrafted and at best be in the G-League as a two-way player.

Childs also was asked other questions regarding his nutrition habits and like former Cougar Cagers Kyle Collinsworth and Elijah Bryant, Childs is taking a very healthy approach to what he puts in his body.

“Eating right is huge. Look at Eli and Kyle coming back from knee injuries. I think the biggest part of that was the way they ate,” said Childs.

Eating right for Childs the past two months has consisted of a vegan diet with no dairy.  Childs, who was a self-proclaimed “late bloomer” growing up because of his size at 6’2”, 235 pounds as a kid was asked what he misses the most with no dairy in his new diet.

“That’s hard…probably Mac ‘n cheese because cheese is so good.  The more you research cheese, the grosser it gets. If you guys ever want to try being vegan, just go watch the videos of how cheese is made. Go watch some of these animals getting killed and you probably will never want to try cheese again.”

After hearing that quote, I honestly forgot that Childs withdrew from the NBA process and not a PETA recruitment, but I digress. So what is Yoeli able to eat these days?

“I eat beans and rice all the time. Burritos…stuff like that. A lot of carbs.”

Can’t say that I would ever become vegan, but hey, if going vegan helps BYU get back to the NCAA Tournament, I don’t think anyone in cougar country will be complaining about Yo’s new healthy lifestyle approach.


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