Breaking Down Each BYU Basketball Transfer & Early Departure Since 2010

Breaking Down Each BYU Basketball Transfer & Early Departure Since 2010

BYU Basketball

Breaking Down Each BYU Basketball Transfer & Early Departure Since 2010

Breaking Down Each BYU Basketball Transfer & Early Departure Since 2010

18 early departures within the BYU Basketball program since 2010

Many good players have left the Cougar Cagers early

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The BYU Basketball program has not earned a bid in the NCAA Tournament the past three seasons and a big reason for that according to Dave Rose is the inability to get “old.”  Look at Saint Mary’s the past few years, they had a group with Jock Landale, Calvin Hermanson, and Emmett Naar that were able to get old together and the Gaels piled up a ton of wins and were competitive against Gonzaga.

Since the beginning of this decade (2010), BYU has had 18 players leave the program.  An incredibly high amount compared to previous decades for BYU hoops. BYU has a limited recruiting pool so to have this much attrition on a yearly basis is a reason BYU has not been in the dance for some time now.

Here are the 18 players since 2010 who have left the BYU Basketball program early.

Michael Loyd Jr.

Had an incredible NCAA Tournament performance against Florida in 2010 to give BYU their first tournament victory since 1993.  Left BYU due to possession of marijuana and seven parking citations. Rose said there was a lack of accountability from Loyd’s end.  Loyd never played college basketball again.

DaMarcus Harrison

Four-star recruit who played one year at BYU. Saw only eight minutes per game with the Cougars. Transferred to Clemson where he was immediately eligible after receiving a waiver. Started in 57 games for the Tigers over his next three seasons.

Raul Delgado

Played a total of 41 minutes during West Coast Conference play in his one season at BYU after transferring in from a junior college. Delgado was hampered by injuries in his one season. Left BYU for Metro State.  Ended up playing internationally for a little bit in Cancun.

Augustin Ambrosino

Transferred to BYU from Salt Lake Community College. Played one season at BYU, averaged 6.2 minutes per game of action. Went on to play professionally in Argentina.

Matt Carlino

Played three seasons at BYU and averaged 12.5 points per game in his career at BYU. Transferred out as a grad transfer to Marquette for the 2014-15 season where he shot 41% from beyond the arc and averaged 15 points per game for Marquette.  In Carlino’s final season at BYU, he was benched after the Cougars suffered a four-game losing streak. Carlino’s role was inconsistent and he had a short leash with the coaches, thus leading towards him transferring out his graduate season. Carlino is now a professional overseas.

Isaac Neilson

Neilson was part of the BYU Basketball program for two seasons. Redshirted for one and then played in the 2014-15 season. Neilson was a big man who liked to take outside shots. Neilson did not choose to leave BYU, he was asked to leave by Dave Rose.  Neilson explained what happened in 2015 to teh Salt Lake Tribune. Neilson went on to transfer to Utah Valley where two seasons later he dropped 26 points in 24 minutes played against BYU on the Marriott Center floor to lead UVU to a shocking 114-101 victory. Neilson averaged 7.3 points and 6.8 rebounds in his two seasons at UVU.


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