Fred Warner Out, Rueben Foster In?

Fred Warner Out, Rueben Foster In?


Fred Warner Out, Rueben Foster In?

Week three of the NFL is underway and the San Francisco 49ers are still adjusting their linebackers despite the numbers rookie Fred Warner has put up on defense. 

With talk of Rueben Foster returning to play on Sunday after a two game suspension there is speculation Warner may not start despite the phenomenal last two weeks he’s had. Foster had to sit out two games due violations of NFL policies on substances of abuse and person conduct. Rueben has been still coming to practices and preparing to play, so, Fred still has competition despite the two game advantage. Head coach Kyle Shanahan still isn’t sure yet whether Warner will keep his starting spot, and where he will go with the return of Foster. 

“No, we haven’t decided yet,” Shanahan said. “We’ve got to see exactly where Reuben’s at. We’ve got to see where Malcolm’s at too. We’ve got to see our whole group because it’s been pretty fluid here these two weeks.”

Warner currently has recorded 19 solo tackles to be ranked second in the league. Along with 22 total tackles to rank third in the league tacking on the 3 assists in his two weeks in the NFL. The question remains whether they will switch Fred to an outside linebacker, or leave him out of the starting line up completely. 


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