BYU vs. Utah: Twitter Fight Turned Tender

BYU vs. Utah: Twitter Fight Turned Tender


BYU vs. Utah: Twitter Fight Turned Tender

Brigham Young University vs University of Utah; A long lived in-state rivalry.

Some fight this rivalry viciously with passion as fans of their identified team, and some use it to make a difference. 

A Twitter rivalry over BYU being ranked ended up as something special. A Ute fan on twitter known as @DenverUte said he would pay $500 to BYU fan Geoff Johnston if BYU ended up being ranked in a somewhat heated Twitter debate over the athleticism of BYU Football this year. 

Well, with the stunning win over Wisconsin, the Cougars proved their way into the top 25, and Johnston was waiting for @DenverUte to pay up. He said, he’d even give the $500 to help ease the burden of the Ute fan’s loss of BYU being ranked. His charity of choice was former University of Utah football player’s, Steven Tates, Hayes Tough Foundation. Tate lost his precious son, almost 19-Month-old Hayes, to cancer in 2016 and is currently fighting to end childhood cancer.

But the charity bribe still wasn’t enough for @DenverUte to pay up, so other Ute fans offered to repay the the debt their fellow Ute fan had left, especially to the “Bigger Than Football” cause. 

From there, both BYU and Utah fans gather and chipped in to pay off the $500 and for a chance donate. Tate said, he was in the middle of coaching youth football when his phone started blowing up with mentions from Twitter. Before practice ended in that hour, around $1,000 had been donated, and throughout the day over $6,500 had been donated in that 24 hours. 

Tate checked in as of Wednesday night with what was over 7,600 in donations for Hayes Tough Foundation. A bet for $500 dollars turned out to be over a stunning $7,600 dollars and still counting in charity.

@DenverUte ended up donating $100 dollars to Hayes tough, and owned up to his loss. More good came out of BYU being ranked. Another light in this battle is that it has brought the two different fan bases together to unite in a mutual cause and to leave everything out on the field. 


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