Corbin Kaufusi: The Record Reaper

Corbin Kaufusi: The Record Reaper


Corbin Kaufusi: The Record Reaper

Corbin Kaufusi. A so-called jack of all trades, a man of many talents and…a record breaker? 

Kaufusi has been apart of two record breaking games. But, more importantly, from two different BYU teams. Obviously, the first is this 2018 BYU football team breaking the 41 game non-conference win streak for the Wisconsin Badgers. But, he was also apart of the 2015 basketball team that upset, number three at the time, Gonzaga and, wouldn’t ya know it, broke their 41 game win streak. 

BYU went 25-10 that year, and left with a bad taste in Gonzaga’s mouth. Not only that year, but the next as they upset the Bulldogs yet again at Gonzaga as they caged the No. 1 undefeated Bulldogs 89-81. That game was statistically one of the more shocking, and biggest games the team won that 2016 season. The Cougars forced the bulldogs to a 17-1 record after that game giving them their only loss in conference play, with Kaufusi on the team. Long story short, 41 is BYU lucky number and apparently Kaufusi is the key to breaking solid records. 

BYU is currently 2-1 so far in this football season and as the BYU Offensive Coordinator, Jeff Grimes, would put it, the Cougars look to not count McNeese State University out, and they are still challenge to BYU. We will see just how many more records this BYU team can shatter.


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