Fred Warner Still Probable Starter Despite Rueben Foster Return

Fred Warner Still Probable Starter Despite Rueben Foster Return


Fred Warner Still Probable Starter Despite Rueben Foster Return

With the return of Rueben Foster from his two game suspension, there has been questions whether Fred Warner will remain in the starting position.

The San Francisco 49er’s officially announced who might be starting now that Foster is back playing, and its all good news.

BYU Football Alum Fred Warner will be wearing the green dot on his helmet. Meaning, he has responsibility to relay the radio call from the sideline to the huddle, something he’s been doing from the beginning.

With this it’s assumed Warner will remain as the starter middle linebacker for the Niner’s defense. Foster said, Warner appears cut out for that leadership role.

“I’ve seen a real dog in Fred, a real mature man who goes about his business, and I really salute him for that. I’m proud of him for stepping up and taking control of the defense, wearing the green sticker. I’ve worn the green sticker, and it’s hard to wear the green sticker, so I’m really proud of him.

Warner exceeded the expectations for the team when he took over Fosters role while he was gone. Is there a chance we might see him there permanently?

According to ESPN, the defensive coordinator, Rober Saleh, has seen the work Warner has put into this game and his position.

“He’s a film junkie,” Saleh said. “You see him eating breakfast and watching tape. He’s sitting at a table by himself in the cafeteria and he’s got the tape rolling. He’s always deep in the film. If he continues to progress the way he is, he does have a bright future.”



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