2 Reasons Why BYU is Not Taking McNeese State As An Easy Win

2 Reasons Why BYU is Not Taking McNeese State As An Easy Win


2 Reasons Why BYU is Not Taking McNeese State As An Easy Win

PROVO – BYU vs McNeese State kicks off today at 4 p.m. MT but, that doesn’t mean the Cougars are already calling this game a win.

The 2-1 Cougs have won some impressive games but, they are still going to give this game their all. McNeese is currently 3-1 coming into this game and doesn’t quite see it as out of their reach.

1. McNeese Came Close to Winning in Big Games

McNeese State Head Coach Lance Guidry said, this was just the “money game” McNeese was looking for. Meaning, BYU paid 500K to play McNeese State. These games are important games for teams like theirs, who many people don’t know of.  He said BYU had an opening at the same time theirs did, so their Athletic Director reached out and the game was scheduled.

But, that doesn’t mean Coach Guidry isn’t going to compete. McNeese came close to beating Nebraska in 2014 where they landed shy of the win with 31-24. Which is pretty impressive given the small program they have. He said, believing is how you truly pull off an upset.

“It starts if you truly believe, they know how close we were to Nebraska to beating them, and I think we have a better football team than we had when we went to Nebraska. Our guys are used to competing when we play in the big games. So they’re not going in there intimidated by any means. The crowd is not going to intimidate them, the sideline and the players isn’t going to intimidate them. Were going to bring more speed than they have, if I’m going to be truthful with you.”



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