Cosmo Identity Revealed?

Cosmo Identity Revealed?


Cosmo Identity Revealed?

The Cosmo the Cougar’s identity has been kept a secret since the dawn of BYU’s mascot, its part of the legacy.

But, all of that might have changed on Saturday during one of Cosmos infamous stunts he pulled during the game.

Cosmo lined up during the cheerleaders performance and ran down the end zone to show the fans he does more than viral dancing.

Cosmo pulled off some backflips but, in the midst of one backflip, his head came flying off. With dignity and grace he landed that backflip into backwards somersault and hid his face by the end of the landing mat to not be seen. But, who in the crown actually saw the face behind the cougar?

Some people got the incident on camera. Although, you couldn’t identify Cosmo from the videos, one video was featured on ESPN and from there went viral.

But, what concerns remain is who might have seen Cosmo?

The BYU rumor has it there are multiple Cosmos, which makes sense, he can’t be at everything. But, there was also speculation it might be a woman.

Despite the curiosity, a Cougarette said, at least the dancing Cosmo is a man.

Luckly, Cosmo’s secret identity hasn’t been revealed yet but, questions still remain at who saw.


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