Sports Illustrated Reports BYU As "The Biggest Surprise" In New Article

Sports Illustrated Reports BYU As "The Biggest Surprise" In New Article

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Sports Illustrated Reports BYU As "The Biggest Surprise" In New Article

Sports Illustrated covered something thats’ shocked the College Football world—BYU’s offense this season.

They give all the credit to Jeff Grimes and what he’s done, but they start out by talking about Tanner Mangum. Ross Dellenger, the writer of the article, said Mangum has never had to do so much before a snap before. He has had to learn how to multi-task and has a huge checklist while being QB, he said, more than a regular QB does.

“Tanner Mangum had to learn how to multi-task better. All quarterbacks multi-task to some degrees: relaying the play call from the sideline, reading a defensive formation and then dancing around pass rushers before getting the ball out—but Mangum has never had so much to do before a snap. His checklist in BYU’s new offense, which former LSU O-line coach Jeff Grimes brought to Provo when he was hired to replace Ty Detmer this offseason, includes shifting and motioning as many as five players on any given play. Often, that presnap activity ends with one of the staple plays of the Cougars’ offense: the fly sweep, more commonly referred to as a jet sweep (while offensive terminology differs from program to program, BYU uses ‘fly’ and ‘jet’ interchangeably).”

He even called Mangum a “Multi-tasking wizard.” Which is true, there’s not a lot of time to make any decisions for himself while gearing up for the snap. He’s too busy making sure everything is set according to plan. BYU’s offense has put up amazing numbers, but they’ve been effective. SI puts it,

“The Cougars’ offense has been far from prolific, averaging just 320 yards a game so far, but it has been effective, producing crunch-time scores on the road against Arizona and the Badgers, and it has hogged the ball to keep BYU’s strong defense rested.”

BYU has had a unique offense and its done wonders for the team. Coming from last year, they’ve needed the help, but Dellenger said its owed to Grimes.

“Grimes is succeeding with a unique brand of football, a misdirection scheme that incorporates fly sweeps like the one atop this story. BYU has run 27 sweeps in its first four games that have gained 127 yards, a 5.4-yard average. The concept worked to perfection against Wisconsin, gaining 49 yards on nine sweeps and picking up three first downs.”

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