UW Head Coach Calls BYU "Nothing He's Seen Before"

UW Head Coach Calls BYU "Nothing He's Seen Before"

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UW Head Coach Calls BYU "Nothing He's Seen Before"

UW had a press conference yesterday and BYU was in a lot of the mouths–But, the Huskies Head Coach Chris Peterson said BYU is nothing like he’s seen before.

Here’s what he had to say:

“The number-one thing is, completely different than what we just saw. I mean, 180 degrees. On defense they’re different, exact opposite. And on offense, the similarity is they really run the ball like Arizona State, did a nice job of running the ball. But this offense is something we haven’t seen and won’t see again in terms of others shifts and motions and fly sweep action. It’s extremely unique, do a nice job with it. It’s a little bit like option football in terms of really making you play assignment-sound. You have to do your job before you can chase the ball. They’ve got a nice system off it, done a good job.”

When asked about BYU’s offense he stunningly told the to “just look at the tape.” He was awed by BYU and broke down why they’re different.

 “You guys should take a look at the tape. It is extremely different how they’re running the ball. There’s so many spread teams, the zone-read game — there’s none of that. But they have their own unique way to keep the defense honest with this fly-sweep game. Half of it is running the fly sweep and half of it is running the ball. You’re going to see a quarterback take a snap from under center and drop back and throw a pass. How often do you see that? With no play-action. He takes a straight drop and throws it. It’s a unique style. That’s the beauty of college football — you’re always getting something different in terms of everybody’s got their signature way of doing things. Which is different than the NFL, certainly.”

The defense is where BYU shines and Peterson has noticed that too. Here’s what he had to say about BYU’s defense.

“They’ve done a great job with it. They really have. It’s a unique style, again, where they’re playing really good defense — nobody’s scored a bunch of points on them. They’re super sound, and I think a lot it has to do with their offense and what (their defense) sees all the time — you’ve got to have great eyes and you’re not going to take chances with blitz. They play it tight, they play it in front of you. Sometimes when guys are taking chances with all these different blitzes, if you can pick it up you can get a lot of space out there, you can get a lot of one-on-one type stuff. This is the exact opposite. They’re going to keep things in front. They seem them, they’ve got great help and they’ve got great eyes in terms of the RPO game because of all the stuff their offense goes at them.”

Not only that, but he has the highest regards for Tanner Mangum, and is shocked he’s still playing College football. (take that as you will) He said, he’s really been impressed with him.


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