Where BYU Ranks According to Metric Experts

Where BYU Ranks According to Metric Experts

AP Top 25 Poll

Where BYU Ranks According to Metric Experts

As BYU fan’s there’s expectations to be met with the team every year, and this year, they’re not doing that bad.

BYU was ranked in the top 25 for two weeks. That’s pretty good considering where they were at last year. Now, with the loss to Washington, here is where the numbers lie with BYU.

  • Sagarin: 64
  • FPI: 62
  • AP: 39
  • S+P: 78
  • Massey: 51
  • Vegas (Action Network): 50

With that BYU needs to pull off the next wins to make this season not irrelevant. Meaning, yes the Wisconsin and Washington game was very important. But, they need to win games such as Hawaii and New Mexico, to show, yes, they are doing what they should be doing this season.

BYU is currently favored by 2.5 vs Utah State this weekend. And is another game to keep the winning momentum going for BYU. The goal: to make it to a bowl game. Here are the bowl projections for week 5 in college football.


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