BYU vs Utah State Preview--Why This Game Isn't a Given For BYU

BYU vs Utah State Preview--Why This Game Isn't a Given For BYU


BYU vs Utah State Preview--Why This Game Isn't a Given For BYU

The Wagon Wheel game, the long-lived (kinda?) rivalry where the winner takes the literal Wagon Wheel and earns a plaque on the wheel with the year they won the game.

This game, also known as BYU vs Utah State, is always captivating. In fact, BYU students have been camping out since Sunday to get a spot in the stadium to see the showdown.

Utah State is sitting at 3-1 and holding its own against good teams. The Aggies are second in the Mountain West, behind only Boise State–a team BYU hasn’t beaten in a few years.

The Aggies have only lost one game this season — to Mississippi State — and it was a very high scoring game. USU lost 38-31. And that’s the worst USU has done so far, BYU hasn’t even scored 31 points in a game yet.

The games they have won, are by a huge margin.

  • New Mexico State (60-13)
  • TN Tech (72-12)
  • Air Force (42-32)

Which brings us to today. BYU currently has a 3-2 record. They’ve had one huge upset, but this Wagon Wheel game is very loseable. If you don’t respect the Aggies, they will run right over you.

The Cougars were projected to lose this game until just recently. The Aggies are now only 2.5 point underdogs to the Cougars. That’s not a lot.

After last weeks loss to Washington, the turnaround was quick as the Cougars identified, they already needed to start preparing for this game despite the loss.

“We don’t have time to sulk,” Head Coach Kalani Sitake said. “We have to play a game in less time, next Friday, so we don’t have time to think about it.”

The advantages BYU does have is its run game and the defense. When BYU wins they get will into the hundreds and two hundreds, compared to its losses when they can barely pass 90 yards.

With that being said, BYU has a huge chance to win this game. But, you can never count out the team in Logan. They are doing phenomenal this year. And other than the Wagon Wheel game, you should be cheering for them to continue to do well.


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