Player Profile: DB Austin Lee, A Leader On The Field

Player Profile: DB Austin Lee, A Leader On The Field


Player Profile: DB Austin Lee, A Leader On The Field

Imagine a player who is willing to get beaten up to the core, a player to had to fight for a spot, and a player to loves to play.

Junior Defensive Back, Austin Lee is a power house on the field who is continuing to show his passion and love for the game.

Lee, a University of Utah transfer has continued to impress with work ethics.

The 6-foot DB has had 18 solo tackles and eight assists through six games so far. He is third best with tackles on BYU.

In the last three games Lee has started, he’s been on the leaderboard for the team.

  • vs USU Lee was just behind Zayne Anderson and Sione Takitaki with 5 solo tackles
  • at Washington he led the night in tackles with five solo at two assists
  • vs McNeese was just behind Corbin Kaufusi and Michael Shelton with 4 solo tackles

In other words, he’s constant.

Throughout the USU game, there was one player who showed heart. Austin Lee. He was banged up last week, came out hard to play today.  He came off the field with a bloody face on Friday, went back out and put up more numbers. Fell in pain on the field twice while trying to walk to the sidelines. He was analyzed and walked off the sidelines to what seemed to be the locker room assisted. Guess what? He came back out to the sidelines looking ready to give it his all.

Austin has emerged as an important part of our defense,” Cougar safeties coach Preston Hadley said. “Not just with what he does on the field, but off the field, too. He is a good leader and a good example to all the players, and he has worked hard to get to where he is. He has deserved it.”

If there is a player to keep an eye on for being a true, blue football player. It’s Lee. His love of the game shows on the field. And is loyalty and willingness to lead is present on the sidelines with how he pumps up his teammates and his passion for the game.


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