Taysom Hill--The QB Of The Future

Taysom Hill--The QB Of The Future


Taysom Hill--The QB Of The Future

Taysom Hill is a name the world is getting familiar with, but not for quarterback reasons.

Hill, one of the most versatile players in the NFL. He can tackle. He can throw. He can run. And he can return a kick. What? The announcers on Monday night football tonight called him the Swiss Army Knife, because he can fit anywhere.

This utility man can do it all, and is already getting nicknames in the NFL for his talent. Let’s think back to the time BYU fans wanted to start Tanner Mangum over Taysom Hill.

Now let’s all laugh together.

Hill has been putting up numbers on all spectrums and sides of the ball.

Passing: One completion out of two attempts for 10 yards

Rushing: 12 touches for 90 yards with one rushing touchdown. He is averaging 9.6 yards with the longest being 35.

Receiving: Hill even has one reception

Defense: Hill has one tackle on defense

Special Teams: Seven kick returns for 170 yards. He is averaging 25.7 yards with the longest being 47 yards.

All for being a “third-string QB” in five weeks into the NFL season.

Hill alone in Monday nights game verse the Washington Redskins had five carries for 23 yards, and two kick returns for 43 yards.

Still believe he isn’t amazing?


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