The Wilson Era?

The Wilson Era?


The Wilson Era?

Has a new era begun for the BYU Football Quarterback position after last nights performance, or is too early to hop on this hype train yet?

Either way, BYU out played the second leading passer in yards and touchdowns, and they got out of their funk, even if it was just for this one game. They scored over 40 points for only the third time in the Sitake era.

Wilson had four touchdowns on the night, three passing and one rushing, making it the most by a true freshman quarterback in their first start. For reference Taysom Hill, as well as Tanner Mangum had two passing and one rushing touchdowns in their first starts.

But, what it did look like is that Wilson installed a new confidence into his receivers. Receivers who trust their quarterback make better plays. And from the looks of it, they trusted him to do what he needed.

Zach Wilson had 194 passing yards with three touchdowns and three sacks. He rushed six times for a total of 30 yards with one rushing touchdown.

So lets break this down.

On the first BYU drive of the game, Wilson led the team for a touchdown using five passes to get it there. Which was something BYU was lacking.

At the end of the first quarter BYU was up 14-0.

In the second quarter Matt Hadley rushed for a 21-yard touchdown. Following him Wilson threw for a 13-yard pass to Dallin Holker for another touchdown to go up 28-3 at the half.

In the third Riley Burt rushed three yards for the touchdown. With this, led to a big 4th quarter for BYU.

Wilson was sure to end the night with a bang. He threw a 24-yard touchdown to Aleva Hifo. And then did it again with a 26-yard pass to Gunner Romney.

So, will be we seeing more of Wilson in the future? It sure looks like it. The true test will be if he can keep these numbers up. Then we’ll have a full picture of if it is the beginning of his era.


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