2 Of BYU's Biggest Losses Due To Injury So Far In 2018

2 Of BYU's Biggest Losses Due To Injury So Far In 2018


2 Of BYU's Biggest Losses Due To Injury So Far In 2018

Moroni Laulu-Pututau

One of the more heartaching injuries came from Moroni Laulu-Pututau. This junior was out all of 2017 with a season ending Lis Franc injury. He felt a pop in his foot before the home opener vs Portland State, and soon realized he would never see a game that season. Meanwhile, on the off season, he trained hard to bring himself back to the player he was in 2016.

But, unfortunately, during the Washington game, he went out with what was to be a sprained knee, later learned it was a torn ACL and would be out, yet another season.

The tight-end made this statement on his injury:

“I feel I should let the so many people who love and care for me know what’s going on and be open with you all, even though it’s hard for me. | I have torn my ACL and will be needing surgery. It hurts so much more emotionally and mentally than it does physically but I won’t be returning till the 2019 season.

Grinding for almost 2 years to get to play these 4 games made the life of football so much more meaningful and I gotta thank God for every second! It made me love and appreciate my brothers on the team so much more. I could name you all and the things you have done for me and to impact my life, but just know seeing y’all succeed and get better and better is what will keep me going, so that’s what u can do for me, GO WIN!

So many questions fill my head.. Did I do something wrong? Is there something I still need to learn cuz the Lis Franc wasn’t enough? Or Is it just cuz we live in a fallen world and sometimes things aren’t fair. This game has changed my life and gave me opportunities I couldn’t dream of having. It’s also brought me to my knees and humbled me more times than I would’ve wished. Whatever it is it’s how we respond to situations in life that determine our destiny and who we become. Gotta stay positive. Thank you to everyone who’s reached out!”

With this injury, comes a huge loss to the BYU offense.

MLP had 5 receptions for 120 yards and one touchdown in his four games played.


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