BYU Basketball: Men's Basketball Program, Emery Punished By NCAA

BYU Basketball: Men's Basketball Program, Emery Punished By NCAA


BYU Basketball: Men's Basketball Program, Emery Punished By NCAA

Last year news came forward about BYU Basketball player, Nick Emery, who was violating NCAA rules.

Emery was accepting gifts, money and vacations from boosters. Along with that the boosters had access to the locker room, which is where they left the money for Emery. And after all this time the NCAA has finally came to a conclusion.

NCAA released it’s findings Friday morning on the investigation of Nick Emery and the boosters, and have shared the punishments.

  • 2 year probation, which hasn’t been clarified as to what yet. Begins today through Nov. 8 2020
  • Vacating records of which emery played, which is 47 games.
  • One less basketball scholar ship…so the 13 scholarships is now down to 12
  • They’ll have recruiting restrictions, meaning no official visits for three weeks, which has been said that has already been served
  • Dissociation of the booster, which is self-imposed
  • A 5,000 dollar fine. It seems like Nick will have to pay back the improper benefits.

BYU plans to appeal the NCAA’s decision.

Dave Rose Responded to the findings with,

“I’m very disappointed with today’s NCAA ruling. I strongly support the university’s plan to appeal the decision. That being said, my focus is on our team and tonight’s game with Utah Valley.”

Nick Emery also chimed in saying,

“My intentions were never to hurt the program or university. I’m grateful to Coach Rose and the university for standing by me throughout this entire process.”

With that being said,

Men’s hoops play at home vs Utah valley university In a crosstown clash. Tip off is at  8 pm mountain time. And the women are on the road at UC riverside tonight at 5 pm mountain.

You can read the full NCAA release here.


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